Did You Recently Purchase a new computer?


Yes Vistas was quietly released to the public on January 30, 2007.  Microsoft released this new Operation System before many of it's partners could provide for its existence.  Even Adobe with its popular PhotoShop was left holding the bag, when many, unsuspecting shoppers, who purchased a new computer, suddenly learned most of their old programs no longer worked when installed on the new system.  So who's to blame?  What do you do about such a horrendous sham. 

This site has been created to give folks a SPEAK OUT Podium to find solutions, share resources, rant and tell Microsoft just what you think.  To be sure they will be paying attention to this web presence as it  provides  a  unique way to focus attention and  quickly get to the root of the matter and get something done about this, Now!

Did You Get a Choice of Operating Systems... or....


Contrary to popular belief, your choice in product purchases is limited by those who create those products that we choose to use. In the case of Vista, this fact is glaringly obvious with the introduction of a new operating system for computers that restricts its use in licensing as well as usage. 

If you have recently purchased a new computer system, you will note that it comes with a this new operating system pre-installed.  It also comes with an assortment of trialware that to say the least, may actually impair the functionality of your computer as a whole.  See (http://smashedbug.com/?cat=7)

OK, so you have your shinny new computer with all the fancy gadgets and, of course, the new operating system called Vista!   Well, let's give it a spin.

Ok, booting up...hmmm, password? Ok, didn't see anything that said password.  Oh! The password is password.   That's nice.  Maybe they could have said that  upfront.

Wow!!! This is a nice shinny look.  The start button has changed.  It seems to glow.  Oh, good, more room in the start menu for a lot of stuff-- dual framed.  That's nice too.  

Let me see this trial version of Microsoft Office 2007.  Seems to take pretty long to load.  Let me get a cup of tea.  Ok back!  hmmmm.  Still loading.  Finally!!

Microsoft FrontPage, I use it a lot.  Where are all my buttons and the menu looks soooooooooooo, different.  While I am at it let me give a look at the other office products.  Well, Word...my, they moved everything.  Where is my edit?  My typing and spelling is not so great o I use it a lot.  But where did they put it? 

Ok, 10 minutes later, I found it. This is suppose to be intuitive.  I am very intuitive, but this is for the birds. 

Let me peak at Access and Excel.  I use them also but a lot less.

Oh what.. what is happening?  The screen just went black.  Oh no, my computer must have crashed.  But this is brand new-- can't crash.  Oh, thank God... it's back.  I have no idea what just happened.  I think I need a manual to operate this.

Ok, I have about 1 hour left, let's see how my favorite programs work on this and hook my printer up too.


My Photoshop...  I paid more than $600 bucks... is not working. Ok, let me find the manual and call the manufacturer.  There surely must be a defect here.

"Hello", I say anxiously.  "Yes, how can I help you?" the voice says. I say.. "Look, I just tried to install  my Photoshop on this new computer and it doesn't work."

The voice calmly and assuredly says...
"Yes, Photoshop is not compatible with Vista."

Stunned, perplexed and nearly in horror, I ask, "Can you put XP on this system cause i use Photoshop and it works on XP and is a major part of my work?"

The voice pauses and says "let me check."  I wait and wait some more.  Now I am down to 10 minutes before I have to leave.

While waiting I plop the CD for the printer in and get it going.  I click the button to install.

Ok finally, the voice comes on the phone.  You can not get XP on this computer.  Microsoft has discontinued XP and you cannot get it installed on our computers."

Now I am out of shock and into rage.  "What? I reply, "Look, I tell the person on the phone, "I need to do my work, and Vista doesn't support my main program."

While speaking I glance over at my computer, where I have the printer install running... to the voice I interrupt.  "Listen, I have a new printer I am trying to install.  It doesn't seem to respond."

The voice says, "What is the printer brand and model number?"  I give it.  The voice says "hold on," again.  The voice comes back.  "That printer is not supported in Vista."  "Hey this is a brand new Epson printer" I reply.

Am I having a bad day or what?  Well, can't go on with this any longer.  Times up!!

A whole two hours wasted and now I am frustrated, empty handed and must find a solution.  What about You?

Do you have Vista too? 

Are You enjoying Your New Operating System?


Yes, are you enjoying your new operating system, if you can call it that, which shipped with your new computer?  You Know, Vista!

If yes, I am very happy for you, perhaps you are using it as a glorified, MP3 Player, but if you are using it for productivity, what it was created for, then read on!

It gets worse, in Denmark, I learned that people who buy a new computer with Vista,  can't get on the internet.

So it could be worse...

But fortunately, there are alternatives to Vista. 

But, before i move on let me say that the computer company that is referred to above is HP... I am not 100% sure that all manufacturers have conspired to force Vista upon the public.

With that said...

What can You Do?

There is such an outcry now about this Microsoft Vista dilemma that folks are going  in directions they never dreamed of.

For instance, if you see some of the TV commercials, Apple make big fun of pc's now.  Here is one that mocks Vista's security:



So Apple is a fairly good alternative, but still requires a learning curve and needs more programs written for the MAC.

You could actually "upgrade" back to XP provided your computer has the drivers to support it.  Many computers shipped today no longer have the drivers available to support XP.

Finally you can go it for free. There is a new contender  in the pc Market and would you believe it has support and costs you nothing.

It is an open source Linux gui called Ubuntu.  It has become so popular that one of the major computer manufacturers is now shipping it with several of their new computers.  You can learn all about it here.

All in all, if you're in the market for a new computer, despite the apparent lack of choice in operating systems, there are alternatives.

In the final analysis, it is up to you to choose.

But as it stands right now Vista's got to go!  What's Your Story??



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